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3D Nipple/Areola Tattooing

Why get the nipple tattoo?

Many clients find the nipple tattooing helps to return a sense of normalcy and femininity to her body as well as a sense of self.

How long after surgery can I get tattooed?

Nipple tattooing  can be done about 2 months after the last surgery on the area to be tattooed. Your doctor may want you to wait longer.

What is the process?

Sasha will guide you through picking the best color, size and location for your nipples, drawing directly on your skin. Then she will tattoo the nipples.

Is nipple tattooing safe?

Yes, very safe. Single-use disposable needles and pigments, along with high standards of clean protocols protect client and artist. Post procedural instructions, if followed carefully, also ensure a safe procedure.

The nipple tattoo is very shallow, so implants are also safe.

How is the nipple tattoo done?

Using body art equipment pigment is implanted into the skin under the epidermis. The skin heals over the pigment and a soft natural areola/nipple is created.

Why use body art equipment?

The machines and needles used for body art tattoos are designed to blend colors and create 3d effects in skin. The results are better and easier on the skin than those designed for permanent makeup.

How long does the tattooing take?

Allow for about 1.5 hours for unilateral and 2 for bilateral appointments. The actual tattoo time will be about 45-75 minutes.

Can you tattoo radiated skin?

Yes. The skin may take a bit longer to heal, or may heal lighter (can be touched up.)

Is nipple tattooing permanent?

All tattooing will fade some over time. Your tattoo will likely need a touch up at some point.

How do I care for the nipple tattoo?

There is little to no down time for tattoo healing. Aftercare is primarily a matter of keeping the area clean, avoiding direct sun, and not letting it soak or dry out. It takes about 2-3 weeks to really see the soft, natural results of your nipple tattoo.

FAQs Nipple Tattoo: FAQ
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