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3D Nipple Tattoo Training for Medical Professionals

“Fantastic experience. Getting expert advice regarding technique was really beneficial.” -- Jenny, NP, Stanford Medical Center

3D Nipple tattooing is an alchemy of skills used in traditional body art and cosmetic tattooing, applying fine art color theory and practices while following proper clinical protocols.

This in depth course teaches students how to render the illusion of 3D nipples as well as how to refine beautiful, natural-looking areolas, working with one of the nation’s renowned 3D nipple tattoo artists.  The course uses the same equipment used to tattoo more traditional body art tattoos. The machines and needle configurations are designed particularly for the color blending, shading and 3d rendering needed to create outstanding nipple tattoos.

The format of the training combines a workshop session along with hands on training with models to allow students the opportunity to apply learned skills with real patients.


  • Machine Basics

  • Needle Configurations

  • Setup and Supplies

  • Creating Dimensional Nipples in Skin

  • Color Theory & Pigment

  • How to Avoid Unwanted Hues

  • Placement & Size

  • Working with Reconstructed Nipples

  • Special Concerns for Traumatized Skin

  • Safety Protocols & Aftercare Instructions

  • Long-Term Maintenance & Tattoo Touch-Ups

The specialized kit curated for the needs of 3d nipple tattooing is included in the class.

Sasha has trained medical staff from Stanford, Kaiser, US Army, as well as from private practices.

3D Nipple Tattoo Training for Medical Professionals: Treatments
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